Clients reviews

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Rajasthan Tour

I would like to thank you for this eventful and unforgettable vacation in India and for the great organization.
From 12th to 21st of May we had the roundtrip with our private driver “Raj” through Radjasthan. “Raj” made us the trip as confortable as possible and therefore we want to thank him.
Please forward him the pictures, which you find enclosed.

Thank you,
kindly regards,
Philipp Kowarsch & Julia Lamprecht

Hello Naresh, Tour with Lovely Naresh

I wanted to to thank you for you kind and personal help that you provided to my daughter and I.
We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and the way in which you maintained contact throughout our trip was much appreciated.
You live in a wonderful country, and it was nice to experience it again with your help.
Kim & I tried to list our top 5 sights & experiences, it was a difficult task. The 1st was easy in that of the Taj Mahal at sunrise, the rest were more surprising. We loved Shimla in all its ramshackle glory, Jaipur was our favorite city, we wanted to spend longer at City Palace & Cenotaph at Alwar. The surprise was the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, and of course seeing a Tiger! I will of course recommend your service to others , and with my brother planning a trip to India now, you yet may have more business

from The Pinkard family.
Best Regards
Andy Pinkard
Mr. Bhasin :

We thank you for your kindness and generosity in guiding and looking after our daughter Chandra Rogers and her family for thew Golden Triangle journey. She told us you phoned her daily to ask their well being. We appreciate that you took over their holiday guardianship, particularly more because she took pride in bringing her sister-in-law for her first holiday experience. We are
deeply indebted to you for you help. We hope to avail of your services if we do any North Indian Tour.

Kalyan/Frances SUNDARAM
Dear Mr. Naresh,

Thank you so much for your perfect arrangements for us in Jaipur and Delhi. We have arrived home safely and had enjoyed our stay in India. I will contact you again for any ground arrangements if I am going to India again. I forward herewith my e-mail and address for your keep:

12, Jalan 1, Taman TAR, Ampang 68000 Selangor, Malaysia
Phone no : 0060193341100
E-mail Add :
Warmest regards to you and family,
AMAAL, Kuala Lumpur
Dear Naresh :

I hope you have nice holidays on this season, and all is going good with you and your familiy.
At this time, I´m still have request to talk about India and many people want to see the pictures.
I wish you to you and your family, very good year 2011.

Sincerely Aurora Guadalupe Talavera Ibarra and Marco Antonio Mohzo Tenorio
Dear Naresh Bhasin
India Tour for the Morris Family

I spoke breifly to Mr and Mrs Graham Morris this morning they were so full of praise for you and the way you organised their recent tour in India it was so great. I just want to thank you so much for making their tour such a memorable occasion for them they said they would have no hesitation
in reccomending you to any one from Australia planning a tour of India I would do the same. As you know the Morris family had never been outside of Australia and were so nervous about it all before they departed.

With Best wishes from Australia and from my daughter Tracey and her
husband Philip
Noel Mc Clintock